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@eddiekayshun – Who I am.

I had intended to write a post about my philosophy of education, about epistemology and paradigms. I had intended to continue the debate around traditional and progressive education, but thanks to the wise advice and example of some of my friends and colleagues on Twitter, I decided to write about who I am, and what […]

@julesdaulby Who I Am

Waitress, shop worker, au pair, receptionist, assistant organiser for Olympia Show Jumping and The Royal Tournament, ski rep, PGL groupie, English/Drama teacher years 9-13, Deputy Head of 6th form, Assistant News Editor for the Falkland Islands radio station, supply teacher, Parent Partnership Officer, FE lecturer in Functional Skills and Skills for Working Life, Learning Support […]

@ChrisChivers2 – Who I am.

A Personal Journey to Learning Although there is a great deal talked of learning and teaching, with the emphasis on the latter, as it constitutes a major part of public policy, requiring a large amount of public money, there is not always a discussion about learning generally and the plethora of experiences which contribute to […]

@jillberry102 – Who I am

I’m a great advocate of Twitter and blogging as a way of encouraging reflection and dialogue.  I started tweeting about 18 months ago and have found it a brilliant channel of communication and a way of making connections with so many inspiring professionals across the world of education.  I’ve met a fair number of my […]

@MrsRWood – Who I am

Who I Am and Why I’ve always loved School – @MrsRWood I’ve always loved school. As a teacher and a student, I’ve always loved it (apart from once, but I’ll tell you about that later) I was born in Exeter, in 1981 and I went to Exeter Road Primary school, Exmouth. My teachers were lovely […]

@rlj1981 – Who I am

Poacher Turned Game Keeper I am going to start my education story in 1984 when I first went to school. Actually I can totally gloss over Primary and Junior school, as I really enjoyed them. I found the work really easy and my teachers (in the days of no testing and no national curriculum) would […]

@mto78- Who I am

How times have changed. Who am I? If you’d asked me this question 12 months ago I would say I was a motivated Curriculum Leader who really did want the best for all of the children she taught and for all of the staff in her dept.  Now, I still want the very best for […]

@bellaale – Who I am

Men-a-vaur seen from Tresco, Isles of Scilly. For Mary and Bev… Having spent quite a lot of time examining who I am, recently, through a recent recurrence of my depression, this post will focus more on the “what I do” part, although I quite fancy exploring the further back in time bit of “who I […]

@nancygedge – Who I am

Who’s that girl? A friend of mine gave me a bit of a shock a while back. We hadn’t been in touch for years and years, and then there was Facebook.  Shortly after that there was a picture of me I hadn’t known existed.  There I was, in what must have been my third year […]

@cherrylkd – Who I am

What made cherrylkd? Last weekend I read a couple of posts as part of a collaborative post started by Rory Gallagher aka @eddiekayshun. I enjoyed them thoroughly. It’s lovely to read what made people who they are. What drives them on and where their values originate from. I read @chrischivers2 and @jillberry102 who took time […]

@Nichola80 – Who I am

This is the second time I have written this post. The first got lost in the world of cyber space so lets hope I can get in everything I did last time! Teaching has been what I have wanted to do for as long as I can remember. I grew up surrounded by teachers. My […]

@90_maz – Who I am


I was going to start this post by telling you about the time I volunteered to help with a Y7 class as a way of escaping the pressure to take further maths at A-Level, and I was going to say that’s what started my journey to where I am today. Then I realised that wasn’t […]

@Mishwood1 – Who I am.

Prompted by the inside story from @cherrylkd and encouraged by others including @Nichola80 and @eddiekayshun , this is me now putting pen to paper to give my potted professional history! You know how when you’re young and people ask you what you want to do when you grow up? I always knew! I always knew […]

@Mrs_Mabel – Who I am.

I would love to say it was through a deep rooted passion to make a difference, but the reality was the initial decision was made for me by the circumstances of others. However, now I wouldn’t change it for the world and (as I have mentioned before) I live in perpetual fear of being found […]

@JulieEClarke – Who I am

How did I get here? As a little girl, I had a brief flirtation with the idea of being a nun (overly impressed by pious relatives and The Song of Bernadette), a nurse (no idea where that came from as illness is only permitted for 24 hours in our house) and an actress (they weren’t […]

@cijane02 – Who I am

Beyond the 140s Inspired by the many wonderful stories I have read, painted with the many emotional colours and insightful brushstrokes, the person that I am, and still becoming, is such a melting pot; full of many diverse ingredients. Some have induced moments of incredible happiness and joy, others- less so. But they all help […]

@fossa99 – Who I am

Growing up as a spoiled brat; pony, ballet, green fields, I knew I was going to be a great scientist or an Astronaut; I planned A levels and universities, dreamed of sweetly balletic turns in Zero G whilst flying over the Earth on my way to Mars. Old fashioned, Victorian inspired father dictated otherwise; a […]

@DP40days – Who I am

Telling fragments. My mum and dad were both teachers, he in the local tech, she in a girls school. I swore blind that I’d never go into the family business, but Margaret Thatcher had other ideas. I was a bright child, an only child. My baby sister died when I was two. Growing up alone, I lent […]

@ChocoTzar – Who I am

Chocotzar as recently born baby boy. When Chocotzar was only partially delivered, her very young mother was urged to sit up and have a look. “Oh God,” said Mum, “He looks just like his dad.” I am a girl. I was raised on the mean streets of Bath, until such time as a temporary move north […]

@jo3grace – Who I am

They say “take a child until he was seven and I will show you the man.” The majority of my formative years 0-5 were spent at sea, on a Ferro cement (yes concrete) yacht that my parents designed and built by hand. In doing that they not only gave me an early childhood full of […]

@SJJones2014 – Who I am

Accidental Business Manager! So… there is this thing doing the rounds on twitter where teachers and headteachers are talking about how they got into being a teacher and a headteacher and various people I follow and it got me thinking. How it is exactly that I became the business manager of a primary Academy in […]

@thosethatcan – Who I am

Who I am, what I do (or not, of course) I thought this was a brilliant idea from Rory from the outset and vowed to contribute immediately. I found it surprisingly difficult even as (or because?) I was inspired by the wisdom, profundity, starkness, humour and sheer brilliant of others. How on earth to say ‘who […]

@cazzwebbo – Who I am

“Smack her bum again, nurse: make her cry!” said Dad, after I was born on Thursday teatime in the middle of a 1970’s, South Yorkshire, July heat wave in Jessop’s Hospital, Sheffield. “To make sure they got more oxygen to your brain!” he always explained. And thus began my mildly, yet well-intentioned, disciplined upbringing (although […]

@sare_maj – Who I am

I don’t remember a lot about my childhood, there was a lot of things that I don’t really want to remember so blocked out most of the thing. For the most part I was a happy child, I had friends, family and everything a child needs. I loved going to school as a child, though […]

@5N_Afzal – Who I am

Governor and governance: Who I am and what I do matters (I hope!) Over the past few weeks I have read many wonderful blogs in the #WhoIAmWhatIDo series. Headteachers, teachers and a school business manager have all contributed to this series of posts. These have inspired me and as I haven’t come across one from a governor, I […]

@chrishildrew – Who I am

The Past feeds the Present. I went to a private school from the age of 11 until I was 18. It was an elitist, high-performing boys school. I remember sitting the entrance exam, driving up to the school with my friend Simon, testing each other on capital cities of countries around the world. This didn’t come up […]

@MrGfactoftheday – Who I am

It still is a strange feeling to be sought out by another educator for comments about myself and my thoughts on education. It is happening more frequently, but I am definitely still too humble to really appreciate how cool that all is.  In any case, this post will be a guest post on the Who […]

@waginski & @BiancaH80 – Who we are

Lee:  I wouldn’t normally write about myself in this way but I’ve been asked to do so and I like to contribute to the educational community in whatever way I can. Also, I’ve read some honest, thoughtful and interesting posts on here by people I respect and figured it couldn’t hurt to contribute my own. Who […]

@basnettj – Who I am

From fixed to mixed mindset.  The journey to growth mindset continues… “They’re always trying to prove themselves….they’re super sensitive about being wrong or making mistakes” Reading Dweck’s Mindset – How you can fulfil your potential, I came across this line and recognised someone I once knew.  To be fair it’s someone I know very well. […]

@headguruteacher – Who I am

My Dad was from Ramsgate. He grew up in a small terraced house; Grandad was a carpenter and made stained glass windows. Dad went to the grammar school and then to Oxford. He played the piano and loved singing. My Mum met my Dad through plays.  She’d grown up in a funky Oxford townhouse; Grandpa […]

@arcticlass – Who I am

I will start by saying I am nearly 66 and not very sure what I want to be when I grow up. This sounds entirely weird but most accurately describes my status as of May 1, 2014 Back in the 60′s, when I was at university in Canada, I had vague plans to become a […]

@Edutronic_Net – Who I am

 My path to an inner London classroom started for me on an impossibly faraway island, the South Island of New Zealand. It’s a story of how I was saved by literature and my brother. Memories of my early childhood are suffused with the sound of wind whistling through power lines, the vertiginous, ubiquitous presence of […]

@LDIleeds – Who I am

I have always loved learning and I have always been so fascinated by things which were deemed ‘too difficult.’ I was a wall flower with little confidence but I somehow managed to pass the 11+ and get into the girls’ grammar school, where a whole new level of learning opened to me. I trod water, […]

@Gwenelope – Who I am

I offered to write this AGESSSSS ago, and have been pondering what on earth to write ever since. So here goes, a potted biography of me and my journey to ‘teacher’. Home is where the heart is #clicheklaxon The majority of my growing up, or at least the bits I can remember most clearly, was […]

@LearningSpy – Who I am

My mother tells me she took me out of school for several months at the age of seven in order to teach me to read. My primary school had written me off as ‘educationally subnormal’. She used the Janet and John reading scheme. I loathed it and saw reading as a punishment. But slowly I […]

@msfrenchteach – Who I am

A traveler. A reader. A knowledge seeker. A music lover. A mover. A language learner. A cook. An urban porch gardener. An outdoor adventurer. An educator.    That’s me in a nutshell. Since the focus of this blog is on who I am as an educator, I’ll refrain from writing about the awesome musicians I’ve […]

@urbangypsy_me – Who I am

 I am just a lucky girl. I grew up in a loving family in Spain. I got all the commodities and love in my childhood inside my family “bubble” and all the difficulties outside it being an extremely shy girl trying to not being noticed but noticed as an easy target by the most insecure […]


@simonknight100 – Who I am

  Those who know me will probably be surprised that I am producing something that counts as being personal for the public forum that is Twitter. I am very careful about keeping the public and private very separate, but something about this idea appealed. Oh and @julesdaulby virtually threatened to send the ‘boys’ round if […]

@jordyjax – Who I am

I always hated school as a kid- primary and grammar school! I remember one awful incident when I skipped science with two friends; we sneaked out at lunch time, changed out of our (hideous) Girls’ Grammar uniforms and caught the bus into town! Stupidly, we were spotted at the bus station on our way home […]

@ariaporo22 – Who I am

 This question is a difficult one to answer merely for the fact that it encapsulates who I am absolutely. While sitting in my grandfather’s chair from his and Nana’s lounge suite it’s hard to not think about him. My post I was attempting to write just before was erased as if by magic. A blinking […]

@mrpeel – Who I am

I am an English teacher.  I am 51 years old and about to take over as Head of Department at The John Lyon School in Harrow. This development in my career has given me a chance to pause and reflect on my journey to this point. My Bildungsroman is not complex and has no great heart-tugging moments […]

@MikeArmiger – Who I am, What I do

This piece is deeply personal, honest and a dark read in places. I thought long and hard on whether  to be this honest, however I realised that to ignore the experiences and events that have moulded me into who I am today, would not only be dishonest to myself but to those of you reading […]

@fod3 – Who I am

Education is the key to unlock the door of freedom. It was a Saturday.  I had made a conscious decision to tidy my room that morning and I had just settled down to do it when my dad called me from downstairs.  I was annoyed – on the one occasion where I had chosen to […]

@mrsjacksonmusic – Who I am

I feel a bit awkward writing this but I am also looking forward to it. I was born in Fife, Scotland and remember my childhood as a very happy time. I was the elder of two girls, my mother stayed at home to look after us and my dad was an engineer. I remember proudly […]

@jonnywalker_edu – Who I am

I am not particularly prone to self-loathing, but my main thoughts on my own primary school days rest upon how much I would hate to teach myself, if I was the teacher of my former self. There is possibly some truth in saying that my ‘ideal pupil’ as a primary school teacher is the diametric […]

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